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Why a Mohel?


The Torah commands every father to circumcise his son. If a father is not comfortable performing the circumcision himself, he can appoint someone to do it in his place. A Mohel is trained in all aspects of circumcision, including the medical/surgical details, as well as the intricacies of Jewish law.  Rabbi Roth has been trained in both hospital circumcisions and traditional circumcisions that take place in the home or Synagogue.  There are many advantages to circumcisions performed by a Mohel at home or in a synagogue, as opposed to a Doctor in the hospital, and that includes:

  • A Mohel is more experienced in performing circumcisions

  • The actual circumcision takes significantly less time

  • The baby can be held by a loving relative instead of being strapped down

  • The environment is more warm, spiritual, and meaningful.

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