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When a baby boy is 8 days old, Jews perform a Bris Milah, (circumcision). This practice dates back almost 4,000 years to when the Torah tells us God commanded Abraham to circumcise himself. God told Abraham that this “Bris,” or covenant, will serve as a symbol to the ever-lasting connection between God and the Jewish people. It is a physical sign of their deep spiritual connection to God and demonstrates the Jewish people’s commitment to follow in God’s ways. This practice has been passed down from generation to generation and the Bris continues to be one of the most cherished and adhered to Mitzvahs (commandments) of Judaism.


After Abraham and Sarah circumcised Isaac they made a celebration signifying the joyousness of this event.  Today,too,Jews celebrate the joyousness of the occasion by inviting friends and family to join in a festive meal afterward.

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