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Rabbi Reuven Roth,PA Medical Mohel
Rabbi Reuven Roth,PA Medical Mohel
Rabbi Reuven Roth,PA Medical Mohel



             Rabbi Reuven Roth is a Certified Mohel and Physician Assistant serving the Metropolitan New York area. As both a Mohel and a medical professional, his goal is to provide top quality care while closely adhering to traditional Jewish customs. The baby’s health and comfort are his main priorities. He does not use any clamps or other painful devices and he uses a special bandaging technique that significantly reduces the amount of time needed for the bandage to be on. This method is far more comfortable for the baby and greatly reduces the risk of infection.

         Rabbi Roth is dedicated to the parents and extended family as well. He is happy to meet with expecting parents to discuss the procedure. After the baby is born, he comes to the house to examine the baby and explain the entire Bris (aka Brit Milah) ceremony to the family. After the Bris he visits again to monitor the healing.  The Bris is a momentous occasion for the baby and entire family, and Rabbi Roth wants it to be a special and memorable experience for everyone involved.

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